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Welcome to my eZine. Look for tips, trivia, fun facts and unexpected info.
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J Crew red chiffon dress
J. Crew Strawberry red chiffon dress. Click on photo for more info.
Superb quality and design in a Navy Matte Jersey Dress by Ralph Lauren. Click on photo for a special price.
Ralph Lauren Navy Dress

Tips & Trivia

KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME OLEO COMPLEXE is a great deep hair conditioner. I douse my hair in it, then cover with a hot, wet towel for 20 mins. Heat the towel in the microwave for perfect penetration. You'll love the shine!

Spandex-heavy jeggings or tights like Lucy Hatha Capri Leggings should be washed after every wear so the knees don’t bag.

Lauren concho belts cost $600. Get a great Brighton Concho Belt for a better price.

Bar Keepers Friend is the best cleaner for stainless steel cookware. A 12 oz container is usually $2.50 to $4. But...Lowe's has a 21 oz can for $2.18.

TJMaxx has some bargains on stainless Calphalon cookware, but Bed Bath and Beyond has the best price I've seen lately on a Calphalon 10" tri-ply skillet.